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Compare with DC LED modules, Earthlong Driver on Board DOB LED Module Series (AC LED) does not need to connect external driver so that it can help to reduce the circuit cost and the size of LED Lighting. The concept of our DOB LED Module is an great technology,  because you can eliminate the AC-to-DC converter and several other electronic components that DC LEDs require, the electronics are simplified between the AC power source and the LED. It is more convenient for LED lighting design with our DOB LED Module. 


Earthlong DOB LED Module Technology leverages technology that allows the LED board to house the driver element. Our Driver-Less LED Lighting Module is low cost and simplicity. The majority of commercial/industrial LED Lighting currently in the market are Driver-based, however an increasing number of manufacturers are embracing and implementing driver-less technology.


Earthlong thrives on providing customers with design-friendly products, easy for you to assemble it into your own LED home/industrial lighting product like bulbs, track lights, down lights and bay lights the compatibility with some authentic and well-designed light fixtures with limited space. The latest DOB LED Module series will be no different. Our DOB LED Module shape PCB could work easily with big names in the LED lighting industry, allowing customers to assemble light source in fixtures as easy as if changing a light bulb. 

The converter and driver are the major factors on the lifetime limitation in LED lighting products. Earthlong DOB LED Module series have embedded the driver IC, various components and emitter altogether on a single ALPCB. Designed to be driven directly off of AC 110 ~ 240V without converters, our DOB LED Module series are able to achieve higher efficiency (PF>0.90, CRI >85) and better lifetime. The compact design of Earthlong’s DOBs looks to help maximises the creativities of lighting designers.


Earthlong has shown their great ambition by dauntlessly competing with industry giants to provide premium light sources and fight for a higher market share in LED component. We also put a lot of efforts in protection devices of our LED to make sure our partners to get the most reliable products. Earthlong’s DOB features in protection devices from soft start, OVP (over voltage protection), to heat compensation, making certain the LED chips inside cool and safe.

We believe this will be the future of LED Lighting.

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