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Why Earthlong?


Our LED Lighting are fitted with the latest generation LED modules. They have reduced operating costs and a lower cost of ownership,with maximun light output from the moment they are switched on, and exceptionally long service life and low power consumption.


Our LED Lighting are resistant to chemicals and corrosion thanks to a choice of durable materials: coated aluminium and co-extruded polycarbonate/methacrylate.


Our luminaires are fitted with quick release systems that facilitate assembly, disassembly and off-site maintenance. Interruption to production and the rish of falling objects are reduced, maintenance is simplified and speeded up.


Most of our fixtures are sealed to highest standards, i.e. they are sealed against dust, vapours and liquids. Their specially designed shape prevents the build up of dirt on their exteriors. The lack of the build up of dirt internally ensures maximum light output over time.


Our LED Lighting are equipped with light sources that offer the best performance for any given temperature range. This provides optimal illumination while reducing the total number of luminaires needed and the energy consumed.


Our lights are made to last, unlike throwaways. Whether it is the light source, the electronic circuits or the mechanical structure, each piece is built to last. All our luminaires are guranteedfor 3 years, a sign of our confidence in the quality of our products.


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